Boris Lippe (Germany) & Sabina Arevalo-Hernandez (Mexico)

Why is there such a thing as – sharing? I don’t know it, and you don’t know it either. But we both know for sure, that this is an ineradicable need of the human heart, which makes the life worth living, and bears a big secret. (Iwan Bunin)

We share life as we live our interdependence – we can be our biggest triggers and place of deepest comfort – NVC for us does not begin and end at courses we give, or we just do silently for ourselves, NVC for us is to share live consciously with all the juiciness and challenges life brings. We like to walk our talk, reflect each other, grow together.

As a couple we’re curios and committed to live the NVC process in our daily life. We’re living and teaching together in Amsterdam and Berlin, and since two years now we are on our path as Candidates for CNVC Certification …

We are exited to be part of the organizer and trainer team of this 9 days training, to inspire, support learning and make this workshop a rich experience for all of us!

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