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have the role to deliver the core curriculum of the program and to hold the energy for 9 days.  -> See program

I am in love with this process, called Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Practicing it is the greatest improvement in the quality of my life. The idea that I can be honest without criticizing gives me much bigger freedom than I have ever imagined having, before I met NVC. Being able to guess the other person’s possible feelings and needs reduces the number of “idiots” around me to zero.

I am not saying that empathic guesses are my first thoughts all the time, but sooner or later I will get there.So, I experience much more freedom and safety.

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Maria met Marshall Rosenberg over 20 years ago and learned NVC directly from Marshall over the following years. Those encounters were to completely change the direction of her life.In 2004, having run a community mediation service for 3 years and developed her own ideas about social change, community engagement and conflict resolution, Maria went solo and began working on her doorstep in London engaging statutory agencies and local people in ideas of Nonviolent Communication, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice. Others were soon interested in participating- and a team began to form.

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Chris Rajendram

(Srí Lanka)

I met Marshall in 1996 while pursuing my studies on communication at the Ohio State University. I was searching for something that could help my war torn country and the war weary people. At the very first session with Marshall, it became very clear that I have found the teachings that I was looking for. I immediately started integrating the learnings of NVC into my life. NVC became my life. It lit up my life from every corner. I learnt to be present. I continue to learn to be present….

Ondráš is a strategic thinker with passion for complex problems. He studied theoretical physics, but gradually shifted his focus towards complexity in communication, conflicts and interaction in organizations and communities. NVC is an important tool in his toolbox that complements well other approaches that focus more on the big picture of the whole system. He has worked in many roles: facilitator, coach, mediator, researcher, trainer… but in all the roles he does the same thing, watching for emerging patterns and making sense of the situation, so that the people can make progress on their paths. 

Ondráš Přibyla


Supporting Team Members

are available for offering support whenever it is needed  and they are in a position of being able to offer it with joy.

Why is there such a thing as – sharing? I don’t know it, and you don’t know it either. But we both know for sure, that this is an ineradicable need of the human heart, which makes the life worth living, and bears a big secret. (Iwan Bunin)

We share life as we live our interdependence – we can be our biggest triggers and place of deepest comfort – NVC for us does not begin and end at courses we give, or we just do silently for ourselves, NVC for us is to share live consciously with all the juiciness and challenges life brings. We like to walk our talk, reflect each other, grow together.

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Kateryna Yasko is an organizational psychologist, trainer for development of emotional intelligence, trust, cooperation, effective communication and peaceful conflict resolution in the teams of organizations and educational institutions. She has an academic background in the area of international relations and law (MSc), business (MBA) and psychology (MSc), and her passion is fostering trust and cooperation between people of different domains, ages, professions and cultural backgrounds.

Kateryna fell in love with NVC in 2012. In 2014, volunteering as a psychologist during the most acute phases of war in the Eastern Ukraine, she realized that it’s her life mission to understand, live and share NVC with her fellow Ukrainians. As a candidate for certification with CNVC, since 2016 she’s been sharing herself and inviting trainers from all over the world to teach NVC in this region.

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Kateryna Yasko



Eva Rambala

Soul and Initiator

Boris Lippe & Sabina Arevalo-Hernandez

IT and Design

Andrea Verdung

Legal, Tax and Accounting