Walk the Talk, Hungary, 16-25 July 2021

You are welcome to join us, to have an experiment in living together the process called Nonviolent Communication.


There will be joy, excitement, sadness – all that it means being human. Excitement of living. The thing that makes it different is the environment that we together create. We will strive towards the full presence, the empathic understanding and the care for each other.


This is a way to expand our ability to be present to what is going on in us and in others and being able to allow the rising and falling of these feelings and being alive.


This is not a promise of “entertaining time” and this is not a wellness week. Being present sometimes means meeting intensity or frustration.


@Corona : Even though we were hoping the Covid-19 situation would be less dominant by July, it is very present at the moment. At this point we would like to find a group agreement, so there will be some clarity on how we plan to deal with the Corona situation, before you send us any money. In this group agreement we like to take into consideration the safety, as well as freedom and ease around contact with the other people. We’ll keep you informed, or if you have specific questions you also might write us.